Metric Racer - Track Editor Jam

Hi all!

I’m the solo dev behind Metric Racer and I’m holding a Track Editor Jam July 23rd-25th and I’m wondering if anyone from the MonoGame community wants to join the event?

A bit about the game, Metric Racer is built with MonoGame and is a wipeout-style racing game with a cell-shaded look that is in Early Access through Steam at the moment. It comes with a number of levels and game modes along with an integrated Track Editor and Split Screen multiplayer.

Next weekend (July 23rd-25th) I’m running a Track Editor Jam where players will be creating and streaming a number of tracks and sharing their creations through Steam Workshop and I’d love it if anyone from the community here would like to join the event?!

If you’d like more info you can join the Discord channel here.