MG 3.5 Installer/VS WD 2015 templates ?

I have installed VS2015 windows desktop and MG 3.5 installer checkbox for VS 2015 checkox is disabled for some reason.
It may be or not be an issue with the installer itself and the product recognition (MS don’t really makes our life easier with the 10000000 versions of it !)

Is there any way to create and install templates by hand using MG template source ?


Can you have a read through this other thread and see if you have the registry key and where your ProjectTemplates folder is? It references VS2013, but it should be similar for VS2015.

Find in My Documents where it stores your IDE information, look for Templates - Project Templates unpack this file into there… Make sure the zip files remain in the MonoGame folder that again, should be placed into the Project Templates folder.

Your ide should now find the templates :slight_smile:

By the way, as for 2015, Id recommend to use Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. As far as my experience, never has trouble, and installers always detect it… its 100% free as well!

Regarding Microsoft products, I advise you to never trust anything, there is no consistency in their products, for example I have many Reg key for VS 2010 ex, VS 2012 Ex, VC++2012, VS2013 com and VS2015 WD, one key for tpl config is for 2012:

12.0_Config\VSTemplate\Item, and Project

under 14.0 there is no template related key anywhere

Thanks for the templates (where do they come from ?)

I haven’t installed VS com because it twice the size (already) of WD edition (16 GB it claims, 8 GB “only” for the WD edition)

MS seriously p* me off with theirs tools I don’t need and I don’t care about (SQL server, windows 10 SDK, VB, JS, and a lot of stuff I don’t need and I NEVER asked for), to makes it better, they always put things in C drive wherever you install the tool. 16 GB for a damned compiler and an editor… what a joke !

when you install community, by default installation it installs Mobile platform stuff, the original size was lower, but it goes up as Xamarin/MonoDevelop adds more to the mobile platform which is being ported to the VisualStudio installation regularly without the installer updating… It also includes some third party stuff like github support if i remember correctly, just choose custom installation and UNCHECK EVERYTHING… at that installation its 2gb and only includes C# and VB with no addons.

Also the templates are installed with the MonoGame installer, to the location i specified, for Community edition, it came in a Visual Studio 2015 folder in My Documents, for your windows desktop version i have no clue, but inside the “edition” folder you only need to go to templates and project templates, that is where i pulled my monogame templates folder from and uploaded to dropbox for you.

To specify a little better, when i say only VB and C#, i meen ONLY vb and C# are there, as well as dependancies that compile them with the installed .net versions you have installed… there isnt an SQL server, JS and other stuff like that, however the Update 4 does include a LITTLE bit of that other sutff, which i believe it autoupdates to after installation, but as I stated it was only 2gb installation at least in my experience -> just a month ago i reinstalled my pc and ran the installer, was up and running right after the installation ready to go and had checked the difference my C drive said was available before and after was only the 2gb difference.

Also if you have trouble getting your templates to work with your windows desktop version, i could go teamviewer with you and try to help diagnose issues…

I don’t remember having so much choice, anyway I won’t waste more time with this, I have copy the tpls you provide where they should be (Mydocs\blablabla\Project templates) and it’s work fine. Thanks.

Happy i could help! Good luck on your project and always trust the community to help you :smiley:

What ‘might’ be happening here.
Std practice these days on windows is to run with a non administrative level account.
Running the installer requires privilege elevation which means the installer process runs under the security context of an admin account that has probably never opened Visual Studio and thus won’t have any of the reg settings and even if it did would put the templates into it’s own folder, which the user won’t see.

Installing the templates separately as per Damien’s suggestion works perfectly, but it could be something to be looked into?

Do you happen to have the ItemTemplates as well. It looks like the project templates are installing just fine for me, but regardless of which version of Visual Studio I try to install for, I am not getting anything in the ItemTemplates.

Thank you.