MG can't detect my gamepad

I have a wired Xbox 360 controller connected to my PC and it works fine with Steam games. But in my MG project, it cannot be detected by MG – GamePad.GetState((PlayerIndex)0).IsConnected always returns false. Can someone tell me if I’m doing things in a wrong way or is it something else? (I am on Windows 10) Thanks very much! :slightly_smiling:

Anyone knows what was going on? :frowning:

I remember reading somewhere pad are not assigned from 0 to n, but instead quite randomly or so (it’s Microsoft), so using the first index doesn’t guarantee you to get the right gamepad.
On the other hand, RB Whitaker in his tutorial, use PlayerIndex.One, not 0, maybe you can find something on MSXbox live forum.

Thanks so much @InfiniteProductions! My issue was solved! :smiley: