MG develop build 914 and upper

Hi !
Since the build 914 and upper, I noticed that when I need to change a string in my contentprocessor (ex: assign a texture, so i enter its name), it make the app fails as soon I click on the textbox.
Is it just on my computer or others encounter this too ?
It used to work on the build before the 914th (dont remember its number), so I wanted to revert to this version, but I was not able to find it on Teamcity, as I suppose it is the free version and it keeps only the 5 latest builds of the installer.

EDIT: I just discovered I need to initialize the member to a value to avoid the PipelineTool failing (which was not a problem before b.914):

private string normalMapTexture;

must be

private string normalMapTexture= "";

Why is it only for strings, whereas booleans don’t need to be inizialized ? no support of Nullables ?

Another thing I noticed, is the PipelineTool ignores the DisplayName attributes, and uses only the Property name:
If I have:

[DisplayName("Normal Map Texture")]
public string MAP_Normal_Texture
	get { return normalMapTexture; }
	set { normalMapTexture = value; }
private string normalMapTexture;

It uses DefaultValue but others are ignored.

Can you post an issue for this on GitHub? That way it’s easier to track.

Which one: the one concerning the null string or the attributes ?

Both. The pipeline tool shouldn’t crash for null values and I guess the attributes just aren’t implemented yet in the updated pipeline tool. Make sure to search the issues first to check if these are already reported

They can be found here and here :slight_smile:

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