MG Shared Library Project vs Edit and Continue

I’m trying to get Edit and Continue to work in a solution that references a Shared Library Project. I’m starting with a Windows Desktop project and testing E&C by setting a breakpoint at the Clear statement in Game1.cs, changing the color, and then resuming. This works fine.

I then create a MonoGame Shared Library project (KoiX) and add this to the solution. At this point, E&C still works fine but as soon as I add a dependency on the shared library from my desktop app E&C stops working. If I remove the dependency, E&C works fine again.


Any clues about how to fix this would be appreciated.

Hi @scoy6, Welcome to the Community!

I might suggest asking that question on StackOverflow as well as here.

Happy Coding!

My latest Visual Studio versions have had Edit & Continue severely broken (which pisses me a lot, because I rely heavily on it). It breaks with shared libraries, it breaks with local functions, and probably breaks by sneezing when using it.

What I hate most is that it seems I’m the only idiot this is happening to, so I’m “happy” to see I’m not alone :wink:

Being unable to install previous Visual Studio Community versions makes it even worse. I don’t care for the new fancy stuff, but I’d love to get back to a version where I didn’t have those problems.

Thanks for the welcome @MrValentine. It’s been way too many years since I’ve been around here.

I’m starting to be an advocate of your sneezing theory @KakCAT. :sneezing_face: I’ve been working on this the last day and it doesn’t seem totally tied to having a library. I did get E&C to work once with a shared library in the project then I tried adding code to the library. Oops.

Currently I’m trying to add my library code directly to the project. I’m keeping versioning separate by having the lib code in a separate repo and using submodules to include it in the build. My first attempt was to just dump it in all at once. This also broke E&C so now I’m trying to add it in small chunks. Hopefully I’ll be able to narrow down what it is that is causing the problem.

I hope I can get this figured out because I really would love to move on from XNA and VS2010. Doing this while also trying to figure out Git is such a joy.:smirk: