MGCB Editor fails to build images

MGCB stopped working for me a couple of days ago.
I did update windows and repair visual studio - which probably can be one of the reasons.
When I try to build my content image files I get
I get something like

Importer ‘TextureImporter’ had unexpected failure!
System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL ‘FreeImage’: The specified module could not be 

One of the suggested solutions was to reinstall redistributables which did not work.
Reinstalling the mgcb-editor as well.

Any idea what else can work?

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After a few days of trawling though google with the same issue, i came across a DLL dependancy checker (“”) and it turns out that even though the FreeImage.dll was there and installed correctly on my machine, it relies on a few other DLL’s to work correctly:

  • Vcomp140.dll
  • WS2_32.dll
  • kernel32.dll

in the end I was actually missing the “Vcomp140” DLL. the Redist for C++ VS 2015-2019 ( installs this and after a reboot the MGCB Editor was working fine.

Hopefully this helps you/future users out.

the MGCB Editor comes with the FreeImage.dll in its file directory if you want to use the DLL dependancy checker yourself.