mgcb-editor installed but not installed

I’m trying to install MonoGame 3.8 on Linux Mint 20. It seems like mgcb-editor is installed but isn’t.

Since you just installed the .NET Core SDK, you will need to logout or restart your session before running the tool you installed.

Does that mean “log out of Mint” or-?

Did you try closing the terminal window? Otherwise it probably means logging out of Mint, yes.

I logged out and back in. Running dotnet tool list still returns nothing.

Did you try to create a new MonoGame 3.8 project, install mgcb-editor and run again? I’ll share the steps I did to install and run it on my Linux Mint:

1. dotnet new --install MonoGame.Templates.CSharp
2. dotnet new mgdesktopgl -o MyGame
3. cd MyGame
4. dotnet tool install -g dotnet-mgcb
5. dotnet tool install -g dotnet-mgcb-editor
6. mgcb-editor --register
7. mgcb-editor

And see if it opens. dotnet tool list also returns nothing to me and everything works, though.

Thank you. I installed MonoGame 3.7, but having the latest version can’t hurt.

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No problem! You can follow the guide I posted above to migrate from 3.7 projects if anything. Hope it works out for you :slight_smile: