MGCB Editor issue on Mac

Hello guys,

Today I’ve bought a MacBook specifically to be able to work on my game project and I was shocked to notice that the MGCB editor does not work on it for like a year now. I found GitHub issues and some other google results, but no workaround so far.

Was anyone able to fix it, or find some workaround? Or any chances of an official release with a fix? I can’t say how disappointed I am that I’m not able to work on my project on my new machine.


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Doesn’t the Visual Studio for Mac already have that built in?

No, there’s issues with it on macOS. MGCB doesn’t work at all on Big Sur and I can’t compile my project on macOS at all (doesn’t find the System class for whatever reason).

I figured it out, if anyone else has the same issue:
It wasn’t the content builder problem. I had an .fx file in my content, which can’t be compiled without Wine. Removeing the .fx file from the content file fixed my build and my project is running finally! :slight_smile:

The MGCB editor built into Visual Studio for Mac works perfectly on Big Sur and Monterey for 2-D applications. I recommend creating a separate post for yourself and describe the problem you are having with MGCB and perhaps the community can help you out.

I am on an iMac too. And acn’t figure out the MGCB editor. Where is the .fx file located, if you would just guide me? Like what location are you talking about?

The .fx file is only there if you have created a shader yourself, or added one to the project, it’s not there by default.
I did a short write-up about my Mac issues, I hope it helps:

If not, give me some more details about the error you are facing.