MGCB Editor Visual Studio 2022

I did a fresh install of Windows 11 and tried if I can run MonoGame 3.8 solutions / projects. So far it works and the dotnet tool installation of the MGCB editor was successfull.

Now it would be nice to be able to open the mgcb-editor from within visual studio 2022 community edition. Which exe file should I select when choosing the default program for the content.mgcb?

I tried with C:\Users\ea\.dotnet\tools\mgcb-editor.exe but the content does not show up in the mgcb-editor associated with the content.mgcb?

While writing I think I found the answer… Now it seems to work (the mgcb-editor opens and shows the content)


With that file everything works now for me.

For others: Make sure you replace my username with your username in the path above!


Remember to set as default… works just fine for me in VS22…

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can you post the steps you went through for vs2022. assume you got the templates installed as well?

The dotnet templates can be installed with: dotnet new --install MonoGame.Templates.CSharp

If you mean the templates for vs 2022…I don’t have them installed… If you need templates for vs afaik you still need vs 2019 until there will be templates available for vs 2022?

I just use a bash script to generate my projects. You can find it here: