mgcb.exe /launchdebugger, Pipeline Tool Debug Mode has no effect

I am trying to debug one of the custom content processors, so I am using the switch /launchdebugger and invoking mgcb.exe in the Tools folder from the command line. The content is built but the launchdebugger switch has no effect at all.
I have tried running the command in Administrator mode but that did not change anything.


Here are the switches I use:


I have debugged through the pipeline tool before, but not through mgcb. Maybe you can try that? Though it probably just uses the launchdebugger flag internally, so not sure if that will help you… In the pipeline tool menu bar under Build you can enable Debug Mode

Thanks. I did not know about that option, I am trying it now.

It did not appear to do anything either.

Oh, I just remembered. I also built the pipeline tool from source to get that working and launched it from Visual Studio in Debug mode