MGCB task fails on Big Sur (Intel)

I keep getting this error on macOS Big Sur:
/Users/jesuszilla/.nuget/packages/monogame.content.builder.task/,5): Error MSB3073: The command "dotnet /Users/jesuszilla/.nuget/packages/monogame.content.builder.task/ /quiet /@:"/Users/jesuszilla/Documents/BlugenUpdate/Blugen/Content/Content.mgcb" /platform:DesktopGL /outputDir:"/Users/jesuszilla/Documents/BlugenUpdate/Blugen/Content/bin/DesktopGL/Content" /intermediateDir:"/Users/jesuszilla/Documents/BlugenUpdate/Blugen/Content/obj/DesktopGL/Content" /workingDir:"/Users/jesuszilla/Documents/BlugenUpdate/Blugen/Content/"" exited with code 1. (MSB3073) (Blugen)

What do I need to do in order to successfully compile content on Big Sur? I have Wine installed.

MSB3073 is a path error. Are you trying to build on the Mac or in the Wine environment? I don’t know anything about Wine, if it shares the filesystem with MacOS or not. It seems like MGCB is being real touchy about trying to access /Users/jesuszilla/Documents/, which is def on the Mac partition.

I’m just trying to compile from Visual Studio for Mac Preview.

I think you mentioning Wine may confuse some. I’m assuming Wine has nothing to do with your MonoGame development? Could it be a folder permission issue? Does one of your content have a strange symbol in the name?

Uh… MonoGame uses it to compile shaders because that’s what the docs say?

I personally would test the build first without any shaders. Delete all the Wine stuff. See if you can build things like png. Then try to build shaders. That way you can narrow it down to an issue with Wine or just content building itself. I personally feel it’s a permission issues with the folders but I could be just totally off track.

You are. This is an issue with Wine because I need to be able to compile my shaders. From the looks of things, Wine isn’t even officially supported on Big Sur or later, so what will be the plan for compiling shaders on Mac moving forward?