MGUI - a user-interface framework for MonoGame

I’d like to share a UI framework I’ve been working on. Take a look:

Brand new but it has a lot of features and I think it’s already pretty close to what you might expect from a polished framework. Supports just about every control you’d expect: checkbox, button, listbox, radiobutton, contextmenu, expander, tabcontrol, combobox, stackpanel, dockpanel, grid, progressbar, textbox, slider etc…

If you’re using Windows OS, it also supports parsing from a simplified form of XAML markup (Windows-only because it uses System.Xaml.XamlServices.Parse for these features).

For example here’s a dialog created with MGUI controls:

I’m still working on the look and feel. Haven’t really decided on a default color-palette yet but for now it’s using some dark blues, light blues, and shades of black for the most part


Added a simple XAML Designer window so you can quickly test your markup at runtime:

MGUI XAML Designer