Microsoft reached out to us on Discord

Here is the post from earlier today:

Hello MonoGame community,

I am Abdullah Hamed. I am the community program manager @ .NET for game development.

You might have noticed that our new game dev page on the .NET page has been updated. You might have also seen the MonoGame 3.8 tutorials and videos on the learn portal. We announced the new pages recently. I am working hard to make sure this community get the visibility it deserves all across .NET.

I am doing a game dev segment in the .NET standup show later this month, and wanted to see if there are any announcements or news about the community and MonoGame that I can share, besides the great 3.8 launch.

I also wanted to see if someone in the community would like to publish a blog post in the .NET blog. I don’t mean just a marketing blog post, but more in-depth post for other .NET game and engine developers. Suggested topics could cover:

• How is it architected?
• What works well in MonoGame?
• What doesn’t work? What are the challenges going forward?
• What could have made the process better?
• What is missing from the .NET ecosystem?
• How did the Core 3.1 / .NET 5 porting work go?

Please message me if you would like to contribute.

We have started a draft on Google Docs for people that want to contribute (you can request access):

Also here is the Discord link:


Oh cool

That’s awesome! And it’s no big surprise, MonoGame is basically the exact use case for the .NET 6 merging of Xamarin SDKs into the net6.0-x tfms.

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Monogame is prominent on this Microsoft website.

That’s very encouraging… :sake:

Ah, that is pretty cool. I got forwarded a tweet of his asking for contributors to the blog.

Hi all!

Abdullah also contact us MG maintainers directly as well on this.

Maybe we should make this just a community project to put together this blog post?

We can sign it like “MonoGame Team” or “MonoGame Community” or something?

I know @harry-cpp and i can help out some with it.


I would be down for that :slight_smile:

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This may be a good time to tell them about CoreRT/NativeAOT. While currently considered experimental, its AOT compiler has been shown to significantly increase performance of realtime .NET applications over the standard JIT, including MonoGame games. There is a MonoGame sample for it created by @harry-cpp that works with MonoGame 3.7.1, though it doesn’t work properly with the new MGCB in 3.8. (You can build and run without content, but as soon as you add content, it breaks.)