(Microsoft) Surface Touch Input

Anyone else ever have the issue of not getting a “mouse down” from a surface touch screen until the finger moves slightly? I also tried to use the touch API stuff, but no detection.

Are you using UWP or Desktop?

I remember you have to qualify for a certain hit point dimension for best results.

Might help if you detail what exactly you are tying to achieve and where you are experiencing this issue.

are you aware of

TouchCollection touches = TouchPanel.GetState();

works good for me on Surface as well - but I never used swipes only touches (I had to use this because on android the touches were not recognized as mouse events, so I never tried if there were any mouse events on the surface)

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Yeah. I’m not trying to do anything special. Just get the mouse state. Mouse.GetState();

Every touch screen I’ve used tends to pick up the mouse down state when you touch the screen except that Surface.

But it picks up everything else on that Surface which I find to be … odd. And it gets a “mouse down” if you move your finger while down.

It’s just odd to me.

I did think I figured out it with TouchPanel.GetState(). I thought to myself “ah-ha! that’s the key”. But I don’t seem to get touches at all from TouchPanel.GetState().

But this is good information if it works with you on a Surface because I’m running on an older version of the Monogame API. I’m going to see if anything changes by upgrading that.

I kinda just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this. It just seems odd to me.

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