Microsoft's SDK's, Starter Kits, and Documentation for XNA and MonoGame /
If for some reason you’re new or unaware, XNA and MonoGame are basically the same thing. Anything you can do in XNA, you can do in MonoGame, and vice versa.

I highly suggest downloading Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, as it gives you everything you need to start using the IDE and XNA for Windows, Windows Phone 7/8, and X-BoX 360. For MonoGame, you’ll probably want the newer versions found at:


Starter Kits / Examples

With Microsoft shutting down XNA and now XBLIG /, the main website will probably vanish within a year or two. I highly suggest you download everything while you still can.

Good luck with your XNA / MonoGame projects! GAME ON!

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Is there any place where to download the Starter Kit at the moment?
I’m replying to this thread because it is one of the first search results on search engines when searching for this.

Yes, you can find them on GitHub, for example:

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