Migrating from 3.5 (nuget) to 3.6 (installer)

Due to the added support to NumLock and CapsLock in 3.6 I’d like to upgrade my project to it. Now my setup is kinda quirky, so I’d like to ask for help in updating.

I am using JetBrains Rider as my IDE of choice and I have Monogame as a NuGet package. I don’t have Monogame installed as standalone (I don’t use content pipeline). I have two problems here:

  1. Is my project going to compile fine after the change? I don’t mean breaking changes in the code, I mean is there anything in the actual build process that changed that might trip me up?
  2. How do I move from NuGet’s Monogame to standalone installation?

Ultimately I helped myself :). I migrated to source code instead of the installer version and covered the whole thing in a blog post: http://retrocade.net/2017/01/16/updating-monogame-from-3-5-nuget-to-3-6-source/

Turned out to be pretty easy, the biggest issue was that ContentManager.Load<T>() now only works with .xnb files. Really wish that was mentioned somewhere in the code and/or docs (unless I missed it?)

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I thought that had always been the case.

You might want to create a new project from the DesktopGL template and copy over the files that you don’t have in your project. These are OpenAL and SDL libraries and a manifest file that makes your application handle high dpi correctly. I guess you have OpenAL and SDL installed?

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Thanks, good to know that! I’ll check it out later.

Okay, I made a new Crossplatform template project and can’t really see anything in there that I don’t already have - no OpenAL nor SDL libs, AssemblyInfo has nothing of interest, the only thing I could copy is app.manifest which does have a line mentioning the DPI.