Missing c++ dependencies in the SDK installer

I just installed the Monogame SDK on my “fresh” build server and I had some errors while building. As it turns out the SDK doesn’t install the c++ redistributables Assimp and FreeImage need (2010 and 2013). Which means they need to be manually installed on Windows.
Is this an intended “feature”, maybe the monogame sdk is intended to only be installed on a development machine with Visual Studio?, or is this a bug that has just never been discovered? If it’s a bug, should I just report it on the github? (since I don’t know how the installer works I can’t fix/pull request myself)

I’m pretty sure monogame is not intended to be a build server anywhere apart from the dev machine if we think as n-tiers.

And I’m almost sure all the dll are present in the monogame folder, so you may try to register the dll in the gac yourself (I don’t know if it would solve the problem though).

This is a known issue. These libs need to be rebuilt with the VC redist statically linked.