Missing XamlServicesWP

I have recently downloaded monogame with the intent of learning and building a game for windows phone 8.1. I am having an issue where when I make a new “MonoGame Windows Phone 8 Project” I get a warning that says

Error 1 The “CompileXaml” task failed unexpectedly.
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘XamlServicesWP, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
File name: ‘XamlServicesWP, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’

Server stack trace:
at Microsoft.Silverlight.Build.Tasks.CompileXaml.GenerateCode(ITaskItem item, Boolean isApplication)
at Microsoft.Silverlight.Build.Tasks.CompileXaml.Execute()
at System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging.StackBuilderSink._PrivateProcessMessage(IntPtr md, Object args, Object server, Object& outArgs)
at System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging.StackBuilderSink.SyncProcessMessage(IMessage msg)

Exception rethrown at [0]:
at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.HandleReturnMessage(IMessage reqMsg, IMessage retMsg)
at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.PrivateInvoke(MessageData& msgData, Int32 type)
at Microsoft.Build.Framework.ITask.Execute()
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.TaskExecutionHost.Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.ITaskExecutionHost.Execute()
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.TaskBuilder.d__20.MoveNext()

WRN: Assembly binding logging is turned OFF.
To enable assembly bind failure logging, set the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) to 1.
Note: There is some performance penalty associated with assembly bind failure logging.
To turn this feature off, remove the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog].

I have tried installing everything I could find from Microsoft related to Windows Phone development and this error still persists.
My setup is:

  • Visual Studio 2013 Pro
  • MonoGame 3.2
  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 3
  • Windows Phone 8 Emulator
  • Windows Phone 8 Update 3 Emulators
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Emulators
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 SDK and Emulators
  • Microsoft Silverlight 4 SDK
  • Microsoft Silverlight 5 SDK
  • Windows Azure Storage Emulator
  • Windows Phone SDK 8.0

Any ideas what I still need to install to get this thing working?

Alright, I figured it out but have no clue why it’s a problem. apparently installing visual studio 2013 using the command “setup.exe /s /full” does not install all the features that monogame for windows phone needs. Manually installing it through the ui worked perfectly.