Hello, I am confused about the monetization of projects. It is difficult to find information on this. Were I to develop a project using Visual Studio Express and Monogame, what would be required of me to make money from that project? So far as I’ve found, it would appear that depends on the platform it was developed for. Is that correct? Could anyone break it down, please?

I think you should ask this question somewhere else as monetization is unrelated to MonoGame. Platform specific forums would be best.

You are absolutely correct. Every platform has its own system for monetization. And there are different types of monetization. Premium, freemium, advertising, cross-promotion.

Using Visual Studio Express, you are limiting yourself to Microsoft platforms. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operate through the Windows Store. Windows Store in-app purchasing and advertising are described in the developer documentation on the Microsoft website.

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I appreciate the response. I am aware of what it takes to sell a game on someone else’s store, but what I am asking is would I need a license pertaining to monogame or visual studio? I mean, they are free, but does that mean anything I create I own and can produce and sell? Also, I am confused about Xamarin. Could someone explain to me monogame vs Xamarin?

MonoGame is completely free. Visual Studio Express editions are also free, but as Tom was saying they will only work for developing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 stores. This is because VS Express does not support add-ins and most other platforms (iOS, Android) use Xamarin which requires add-in support (ie you need VS Pro). More info on Xamarin licenses can be found here:

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Thank you very much for the response, you made everything crystal clear.

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