Mono and Farseer - Getting started

Hi folks. I’ve finally decided against trying to build my own physics engine, if my math skills were better I might continue, but sadly they’re pretty crappy, so I thought I’d give Farseer a go.

So I’ve started a new Mono project and referenced the Farseer dll’s, and… what do I do next!

The little Farseer documentation I can find is awful and I can’t find any simple ‘getting started’ samples or documents.

I understand Farseer is ported from Box2d, so if I twist my mind in the right direction should that documentation make sense?

I really am starting with no idea what I’m doing, so any suggestions at this moment may be helpful.


EDIT: I should add I’m working with Windows, no need at this point for any other platforms.

First of all, it’s MonoGame, not Mono (which is a completely different thing).

Then, you may take a look at this article I wrote.

And also, mostly all physics engine work the same, so in order to be able to successfully use one, you’ll need to understand the how they work, there is this C++ tutorials (on Box2D) which may help. Reading engines’ doc which are better may also help.
Farseer comes with samples which are not super useful (because they use all the same “cheat” to create sprites) but it’s work well on MG 3.5 on windows DX platform.

Thanks I.F. These look like they might get me started, I will look tomorrow.

And yes, wrap around the knuckles for me, MonoGame!!!

Apologies all round. :flushed: