Mono game on VS 2013 Express?

Hi is MonoGame compatible with Visual studio 2013 express (i have both Desktop and Windows versions installed).

I installed MonoGame 3.2 but there are no solution templates for MonoGame when i installed VS 2013 was checked…

Am i missing something?

Seems right… have you tired a fresh install? btw you are going to need to install this if you’r working with content pipeline

I uninstalled MonoGame and OpenAL, restarted my computer.
Then i installed XNA parts, then installed MonoGame, but i still have no template in visual studio express…

Here’s something to try:

  1. Create a new Empty Project.
  2. Right click on the References folder on Solution Explorer and
    select “Manage NuGet Packages”.
  3. Search and install the package “MonoGame”, it will install the “MonoGame.Binaries” too.

It should add to your project all the files necessary to use Monogame. But I think it’ll only work on the Desktop version of the VS Express.