Monodevelop cannot find references for Monogame.Framework, NVorbis and OpenTK

I have downloaded and installed Monogame for Linux as indicated here:
I already have monodevelop and mono-complete installed and ready to go, but after installing monogame, monodevelop cannot find the assemblies for Monogame.Framework, NVorbis and OpenTK. I tried searching online but I cannot find any help. I am using Debian sid and my monodevelop was installed from the repos. Can anyone help me, please?

Press compile button, MonoDevelop 5 has a bug where it display refs as missing if they are using special path variables, even tho they are not.

PS. It’s fixed in MonoDevelop 6 if you want to compile it from source, there is also MG addin for MD 6 if you decide to do it:

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