Monogame 2D Physics

First post, so hello everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m looking at prototyping a game that uses 2D physics.

I’ve dabbled with Box2D with libGDX, but just was wondering what people are using these days with Monogame for 2D projects?

I understand there is/was Farseer, but this seems to be no longer maintained. Is this still a viable library to use in 2019? Or are there now other alternatives?

I maintain a fork of Farseer that works with the latest MonoGame 3.7.1.


Hello @SpudgunusMaximus, and welcome to the forums,

I am also a writer and recently named a character Maximus :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, if simple 2D, consider coding it from scratch to gain a fuller appreciation, but that’s just me speaking.

Happy Coding!

Farseer indeed has not been maintained for a long time, but still works pretty well.

I like this NuGet package:

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Thanks for the responses. Will definitely check those out.

@MrValentine I may still investigate that route and if it was something like a platformer or just moving things around in predictable ways I would definitely go that route.

The prototype I’m working on is things bouncing off scenery following explosions etc…

Will have play and see how we go.

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