MonoGame 3.0.1

This is a small hotfix release. The main purpose is to re-target the Android version of MonoGame to link to the assemblies released as part of the Xamarin 2.0 release. We have also provided a .mpack which is compatible with Xamarin Studio, the old MonoDevelop 3.0 .mpack is also provided.

It also includes the following fixes:

  • Fix template error
  • Fix offsetInBytes parameter in IndexBuffer/VertexBuffer SetData.
  • Fixes the scale applied on the origin in SpriteBatch
  • Fixed render targets on WP8
  • Removed minVertexIndex Exception
  • Fixed some threading issues on iOS
  • Use generic link for opening store on iOS
  • Fix Matrix::Transpose
  • Fixed vertexOffset in DrawUserIndexedPrimitives in GL
  • Keys.RightControl/RightShift Support for WinRT
  • Dispose in ShaderProgramCache
  • IsRunningSlowly Fix