Monogame 3.2 and Steam

Hello there,

I am porting our Steam game to Linux with monogame. I see there have been problems with monogame and fullscreen on Linux for quite some time so I thought I’d be wise and pick the fullscreen fix branch from git. It doesn’t compile from scratch though, not until I link to a newer OpenTK.dll (version 1.1). Then everything works just fine, fullscreen and everythings works like a charm, but not when starting the game from the Steam Client!

The window size is halved, and I can’t change the resolution whatsoever, and fullscreen doesn’t work. Just like in monogame 2.5.1 times. My shader that I compiled with the MonoGame processor from monogame 3.2 works though… When I start the game from the Steam game folder on my bash, everything is fine.

I suspect that from the Steam client, the wrong libraries are preloaded, maybe an older OpenTK version? I can’t seem to figure out which one, stracing steam just stops before the game is started.

I also wrote a script, to try and force the libraries form my game folder being loaded:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
cd “$HOME/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common/Battlepaths/”
exec “./Battlepaths.exe” “$@”

No luck. How can I make sure that my game is loaded from the Steam client exactly the same way it is like when I do it manually from the bash?

Thanks for reading and best regards,

I recommend using the new Monogame SDL version called FNA instead of Monogame 3.2.

It completely ditches OpenTK and replaces it with SDL. Also comes with handy Linux scripts for you based on MonoKickstart, which should load the proper library for you.


Okay, I just ran into troubles with FNA but it was my bad. I messed up the solution because I forgot to init the submodules. So, let’s get started! And thanks for you suggestion, theotherguy!

Cool, just worked through the tutorial and everything about FNA works like a charm, except:

Fullscreen and window resizing isn’t working on Linux!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is driving me mad. No gain at all with FNA, same old problems like with MonoGame.