monogame 3.3 Audio problems SoundEffect

After installing Monogame 3.3 no longer play some sound effects. And some sounds unexpectedly dropped. In version 3.2 , these sound effects are played without any problems. With what it can be connected?

Now I have installed the assembly Monogame version

P. S. Tried to play standard audio Windows Alarm01.wav. The sound is also not fully played .

Also having the same problem after installing 3.3. Except it’s all sounds. Weird thing is that even a game that has been built with a previous version of Monogame, and completely packaged as an installer no longer plays any sound. In the Monogame installer, I left the option to install OpenAL checked, but I no longer saw it in my list of installed programs. I manually installed OpenAL with oalinst.exe, but still no sound. The sound file is .wav and this is Windows 7


please check if this PR fixes the problem:

if not working, please open an issue at github (I think the PR fixes only XNB created with the old content pipeline, but not raw WAV files)