MonoGame 3.4 Project Templates for Visual Basic

As a result of request for assistance getting VB projects work with MonoGame 3.4, since people needing it converted aren’t always skilled at doing translations themselves, I have converted the original C# templates as is directly to Visual Basic.Net. I have also created an installer that will install the templates to any visual studio 2010 and above that is detected. (It lets you select which of the installed to post to) As well for any worried the installer may be a virus I will include the direct template(zip) files. To apply these simply go to (My Documents)\Visual Studio (version)\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Basic\ and make a MonoGame folder, and just drop the zip folders in DO NOT extract them.

NOTE: To people who tried my last version, I made an error when trying to finalize the installer to send it off that broke the installation so I appologize for the errors. The latest version is fixed and tested.




Really appreciate your work! Any chance you’ll be updating the templates for MonoGame 3.5?

Sadly, these templates aren’t happy with 3.5. Is the conversion process difficult?

Me personally, no I have been very advanced with VB before I learned C# and learned C# through “conversion” of existing code I had… so again, for me no not difficult, though anyone not advanced enough in both languages may have trouble as conversion tools dont always play nice…

Also to rebuddle, yes I kept the source for my Installer so I may maintain the templates updates with newer MonoGame AS IT officially comes out. As far as I know, since MonoDevelop/Xamarin doesnt like very much still the Mobile platforms WONT be compatible completely if at all… So no promises on making those work.

Edit: just happend to look since i dont look often and noticed that 3.5 was officially out xD so Im going to try to have the templates updated within the next couple of hours and reposted!