monogame 3.4 Win 8 game template broken

I have recently installed both VS 2013Pro and the Monogame 3.4 SDK. After installation I started up VS2013, chose the windows 8 game template and created the new project. The template seemed to assemble the project without errors. I tried debugging right away to ensure everything was set up properly, but the template would not run and gave me missing sharpDX DLL file errors.

I closed the project, and created a new project using the universal win 8.1 template. Again the project was created without errors. I again debugged right away to see if this template would work correctly and it did! The expected cornflower blue window opened and no errors were reported.

I then uninstalled monogame 3.4 SDK and downloaded the development build SDK version 3.5. I installed it, and again tried to create a project using the windows 8 game template. This time (using monogame 3.5 SDK) everything worked as expected.

I am pretty sure that the monogame 3.4 SDK has some errors linking the sharpDX DLL files in the Windows 8 template.