MonoGame 3.4

This is the official MonoGame 3.4 release. This release comes in less than a month and a half since the last release, but it still has 300 commits from 16 contributors full of fixes and new features!

This is a particularly special release as it includes the first support for Windows 10 Universal Apps and was timed to coordinate with the Build 2015 conference going on right now! With the new Windows UAP platform support you will be able to build a single game package that will work on Windows desktops, tablets, phones, Xbox One, and even Raspberry Pi. Note to use this release you need to install the latest Windows 10 SDK which will be released later today.

Also work is still ongoing for the Linux installer. You should either work with the zipped binaries above or building from source code when developing from Linux.

This is a short summary of the major changes in this release:

  • Removed old XNA content pipeline extensions.
  • Added all missing PackedVector types.
  • Replacement of old SDL joystick path with OpenTK.
  • Added SamplerState.ComparisonFunction feature to DX and OGL platforms.
  • Fixed bug where content importers would not be autodetected on upper case file extensions.
  • Fixed compatibility with XNA sound effect XNBs.
  • Lots of reference doc improvements.
  • Added SamplerState.BorderColor feature to DX and OGL platforms.
  • Lots of improvements to the Mac, Linux and Windows versions of the Pipeline GUI tool.
  • Fixes for bad key mapping on Linux.
  • Support for texture arrays on DX platforms.
  • Fixed broken ModelMesh.Tag
  • VS templates will now only install if VS is detected on your system.
  • Added Color.MonoGameOrange.
  • Fixed Xact SoundBack loading bug on Android.
  • Added support for a bunch of missing render states to MGFX.
  • Added support for sRGB texture formats to DX and OGL platforms.
  • Added RasterizerState.DepthClipEnable support for DX and OGL platforms.
  • New support for the Windows 10 UAP plafform.
  • Fixed bug which caused the GamePad left thumbstick to not work correctly.
  • Preliminary base classed for future Joystick API.
  • Performance improvement on iOS by avoiding unnessasary GL context changes.
  • Fixed bug where MediaPlayer volume affected all sounds.
  • New XamarinStudio/MonoDevelop Addin for Mac.
  • New Mac installer packages.

As always thanks for supporting MonoGame!