MonoGame 3.5 in VB.NET [2010] - Any hope?

Another VB.NET pariah here…

I got a bit excited when I saw the version 3.5 release and jumped on it. Unfortunately, the VB project templates graciously provided by Damien_James_Gibson are not happy with the changes.

From what I can see, it seems to be related to the new MonoGame.Framework library targeting .NET Framework 4.5 causing the reference to fail. The kicker is that when I create a C# project, it loads up just fine and dandy.

If it’s just a 2010 vs .NET 4.5 issue, why is C# running it with no problems? It grieves me deeply to think that I may be left behind. :stuck_out_tongue: Have any of the brilliant minds here figured out a way to make this work on VB 2010?

Any hope or direction is hugely appreciated!

Is there a reason you are still using VS2010? I’m pretty sure MG isn’t tested at all in VS2010 so maybe the c# template is just luck.

With VS2015 and VS2010 not even available anywhere anymore its hard to justify staying there.

We cannot keep maintaining support for a development environment that is now three versions behind the current version. The support for VS2010 in the Windows installer will also disappear soon. There is also no-one on the development team or frequent contributors that uses VB.NET, so it is not tested at all.

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I use as a hobby and am dedicated to support it when people have problems. Also if you guys are dropping 2010 support in templates - So long as the IDE can take the .net version Ill support it for you guys :wink: C# and VB edition!

Really the only problem that should occur with MonoGame interacting with the IDE is when attempting to use a Forms control or connecting the build process for the pipeline tool… outside of that the templates should never be “incompatible” with older VS.

Why not update to VS2015? It doesn’t really make sense to use an older dev environment when the latest version is completely free.