Monogame 3.5 loading xnbs.

I’m using MonoGame 3.5.1 and trying to load xnb’s using the pipeline.

I am not very experienced with Monogames Pipeline but I knew I was able to do this in 3.4.(I usually just load from regular pngs and dont do anything with xnb)

I simply add a texture to the pipeline and build it and when I try to load it into my game, (which is a freshly created opengl project) by “Texture t = Content.Load < Texture2D > (“paddle”);” I get the error of: “Asset does not appear to be a valid XNB file. Did you process your content for Windows?” I tried changing the Platform in the pipeline to windows and also trying DesktopGL again, along with switching between Compress and the Profile multiple times and nothings working.

is my original png.

Building under android and then deploying on to my phone works.

The xnb file is the product, isn’t it?

Put the original png into the content-manager, it will convert it into xnb.

Yeah, I’m doing that :smiley: Sorry about my grammar I’m not the best at it.

Yes the xnb is the product and I’m using the Pipeline to convert the png into it, and when I try to load the xnb I get the error(other than android, and yes I’m setting the Platform property correct)