Monogame 3.5 not generating .app file on Mac

I recently created a Monogame 3.5 DesktopGL project in Visual Studio 2013 on my windows PC. I am now trying to open the same exact solution in Xamarin Studio 5.1 on my Mac.

The solution opened up just fine, everything compiled fine as well, but when I try to run it, nothing happens. No errors, nothing.

I went to the Debug folder for the project and saw this:

No .app file was created, so my Mac wouldn’t be able to run it anyway. In the past, with Mac projects in Monogame, a .app file has been generated and there was no issue.

My understanding was that this DesktopGL project could be opened on either operating system and should function exactly the same way. All of that works except the generation of the executable.

Help! Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling:

DesktopGL project is not a MonoMac/XamarinMac app, it’s there to provide an exe that can be run from all Desktop OSs, if you want to package it to an .app you need to do it manually.


I’m running into the same issue. I tried looking around but I can’t figure out how to manually package it into an .app

This is our first time I’m trying to run something cross platform with MonoGame.

Do you know how I would package it manually?

It would be nice to have something integrated in MG to actually do the dirty work and package it up into a .app

You have Mac templates…

Hello everyone, forgive me for not understanding, but could someone elaborate a bit more with the steps one would take to create a .app?

I used the DesktopGL template and Im running Xamarin/Monogame 3.5 on OSX.

Any help much appreciated!,

Here is a guide how to make your own .app

Thanks for the reply, but Im still confused as to what I would put into the contents of the app package? All in see in my build output are dll files and and .exe, .exe.mdb


Unless you are not using any art/audio content at all in your app there should be a Content directory there as well.
I would try putting all the dll’s, the exe, the .config and the Content directory in there. I think they should be directly in the MacOS folder.

So I just followed the directions to manually make a .app, it’s pretty easy: Package games for distribution | MonoGame Documentation
Step-by-step for those still mystified:

  • navigate to your game folder in the terminal
  • run the build script as indicated
  • make a folder somewhere that will be your .app
  • make the folder structure as indicated
  • copy all the files from the publish folder that the build script made to YourAppFolder/Contents/MacOS folder (gameprojectfolder/bin/Release/netcoreapp.3.1/osx-x64/publish)
  • copy the publish/Content folder to the Contents/Resources folder
  • make an Info.plist file as indicated, customize it
  • add .icns and whatever else
  • append .app to the parent folder you made
  • you should have a working app!