Monogame 3.5 -- running into problems with VS Express 2015

I cannot get the checkmark over the 2015 Visual Express when installing Monogame 3.5.
After struggling, I downloaded Monogame 3.4, and install that. V3.4 will allow the checkmark of 2015 Template.

Not sure what I was doing wrong with 3.5 or Not sure if this is a bug that no one reported yet?

Technically there is no “Express” edition any more. It’s “Community”.

We changed they way we detect the location of the VS templates folder between 3.4 and 3.5. 3.4 used the location of the My Documents folder as reported by Windows. 3.5 uses the ProjectTemplates registry entry that VS writes on first run after install. Have you ever moved your My Documents folder to another location? It seems that a far higher number of users do that than I would have ever thought possible. And this confuses our installer and also confuses VS because the registry entry it wrote on first install now points to a folder that no longer exists.

The reason we changed it was because the installer couldn’t detect the VS template folder for some users. We may have to try a combination of the two methods, but I’m still not sure how well that will work.

Why not adding a checkbox: “[] install templates to custom location”, if checked: dir selector pop-up to choose where to put them. (Taking user’s responsibility as MS always did no longer seems to work very well these days.)

No I never moved My Documents folder.
Not sure if having multiple accounts set up on my computer maybe throwing off the Monogame Installer.

When I click on My Documents, it shows: Libraries\Documents
or it also can be found at: C:\Users\Dad\Documents
“Dad” being the account user name.

Also, when I installed VS Community 2015 on my son’s computer, which also has two accounts, Monogame 3.5 did not allow the checkmark on the VS 2015, so installed Monogame 3.4. So, Monogame 3.4 installed on his computer. But, when I opened up VS 2015, MonoGame templates did not show. I started looking for the ‘MonoGame’ folder, and found it under the main user’s directory, and not under my son’s account’s directory. So, copied and pasted the MonoGame directory to:
C:\Users\NonAdmin\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#
“NonAdmin” being my son’s account name. After having done that, now we see the MonoGame options when we run VS2015 on his account.

Both computers are using Windows 7 64bit.

I hope these info help you for future development of MonoGame.

If you could have a look in the registry using regedit, find HKEYCurrentUser\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0 and see if there is a UserProjectTemplatesLocation item in there. If there is, let me know what it contains as the path to the templates location.

Looking at my computer’s registery editor,

Under 14.0 there is no UserProjectTemplates

This is what I have under 14.0:
Default Editors