MonoGame 3.5

I’m running Mint 17.3 Xfce, why? And what do you mean “what do you get by calling mdtool”? MonoDevelop Tool Runner is present in my system, if that what’s you wanted to know (I’ve installed all packages required).

Just run “mdtool” in terminal and tell me the output.

Well, duh.

Also, how do you uninstall it on Linux? There’s literally no hint on how to do that, and the 3.5.1 installer (I need to upgrade from 3.5) only tells “Please uninstall any previous versions of MonoGame SDK”. Oh, well, cool, I’d love to. But how? (don’t tell me I need to delete all files by hand or something, especially since I do not knowing their location)

sudo /opt/MonoGameSDK/

Already found it, but thank you anyway. Also, still don’t get it: why you needed me to run mdtool?
P.S. I think I’ve been posting too much lately, should I delete [some of] my comments?

The issue turned out to be the fact I’m using ecryptfs.

I seem to be having a problem with the installer, when asked if I want to install the templates to visual studio the options are grayed out.

I just installed it. Why is it installing to C:\Program Files (x86)\MonoGame\v3.0? Shouldn’t it install to C:\Program Files (x86)\MonoGame\v3.5.1?

Nick it goes there for backward compatibility. Otherwise people would need to upgrade their project files all the time. It would be nice if Windows supported symlinks like linux that don’t require Admin rights.