MonoGame 3.8.1 = Compute Shader?

I was wondering if the release of MonoGame 3.8.1 will include Compute Shader support?

Following this URL: Compute Shader #7533 it would appear that Compute Shader support has been completed and possibly added to current MonoGame build(s) and ready for the pending release of 3.8.1.

In short I would like to know if the work done on Compute Shader #7533 will be added to the MonoGame 3.8.1 and if not what release will it be added?


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I made this PR. So far the MG maintainers only commented on the previous PR for tessellation and geometry shaders, which the compute shader PR is based on. They plan to include it in 3.9.

As for the compute shader PR, there is no response yet from maintainers. I don’t see a good reason why you wouldn’t want to have compute shader support as well, but it’s not up to me.


I am really looking forward trying that PR, compute shaders in MG is whole new world and I have great many uses for it. Amazing work by the way.


Thanks for all the info and most importantly your amazing and valuable work on these features.

That is good news that 3.9 will include these features/work but it is a shame it is not part of 3.8.1, I am sure most of us have waited a long time for 3.8.1(which is almost done!) and 3.9 has 80+ open issues. The wait will be long :frowning: , but I guess the most important part is that it is coming soon!

Having said that I don’t understand why your work on Compute shaders is not going to be included in 3.9(from the sounds of it). In My opinion anyone making a 3D game now a days will want to include AMD’s FSR(Fidelity FX Super Resolution) in their project. FSR requires Compute shader support, so it only makes sense that MG would want to include this feature asap. I am not sure if MG 3.8.1 will support the PS5 and XBSX/S natively but FSR is a feature that I would think every developer would want to include no matter what. FSR supports Compute on Vulkan, DX11 → 12+ so you could even just use the backwards compatibility on those consoles(PS4/Pro & XB1/S/X) and still leverage FSR.

My self I have a lot of use from Compute similar to the solid examples you have graciously provided to the community.

Anyways I love your work and I really hope MG includes it as soon as possible and especially your Compute shader work.

Thanks again for all this work, I am sure a lot of the community really appreciates it. Once your work will be part of MG this will open up a lot of doors and level up an already awesome MG to a Next Gen level.

All the best!

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Thanks guys.

All I said is that there is no statement from maintainers yet, I wouldn’t neccessarily interpret it this way, we’ll see.

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