MonoGame 3.8 and MonoGame.Framework.Net dll?

Can anyone help me add MonoGame.Framework.Net dll to a MonoGame 3.8 project please?

I’ve tried searching NuGet for MonoGame.Framework.NET but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere?

Do I need to revert to the old version? Is this DLL no longer supported?

Yea, I can’t see a way to do this under 3.8, it’s either missing, or not obvious.

Not really MG related, but I would like to use UITypeEditor which is in System.Drawing.Design, but can’t find the .NET Core analogue for it, maybe it’s just not there :frowning:

The .net was removed. You could try an older version.
I put the files on this repository just in case, but I dont know if it work. Nobody maintain it in the last years.

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OK many thanks for the info guys.

It’s a shame it’s not included in MonoGame 3.8 as I found the .NET dll helpful in the porting of XNA to MonoGame (even if just a shim that doesn’t do anything) and on mobile there’s actually some helpful methods to do “mobile stuff” (like showing an on screen keyboard?) which could be useful.

So I guess the message to port from XNA 4 to MonoGame 3.8 is to strip out anything GamerServices, Guide or Network related as that will no longer compile in the 3.8 version?

Many thanks for that now I have the .net namespace :slight_smile: