MonoGame 3.8 Extended.Animations

Hey all.

I’m pretty new to MonoGame. I’ve been pouring over all kinds of documentation and tutorials for all kinds of things. I recently started checking out the extended libs. I found these kick starter docs that appear to be very straight forward. I used the sprite factory project to animate my spritesheets (which seems very clear and easy to use). I am following this tutorial to a T but am having issues with the following section:

The Content.Load<SpriteSheet>("motw.sf", new JsonContentLoader()); doesnt seem to work right. It tells me to use the Content.Load extension from the MonoGame.Extended.Content library. However, it doesn’t appear that MonoGame.Extended.Content doesn’t have a Content object I can use. It does have a ContentManagerExtensions object that I have tried to load in the spritefactory asset with, but then I run into other issues (which I can go into upon request).

Is this a ‘me’ issue, or a MonoGame.Extended.Aniamtions problem that just hasnt been fixed yet?

Thank you all in advance for any light you may shed on this!Preformatted text