MonoGame 3.8 - Video not working

Hi im new to monogame im currently porting a game from Xna to Monogame 3.8
most of my port is working fine but I got some issues with the Video.Whenever I trying to Load a video ContentManager.Load < Video > (“ScreenSaver”);
or just create a new VideoPlayer
m_Player = new VideoPlayer();
I got the an exeption :
System.TypeLoadException: ‘Could not load type ‘Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.VideoPlayer’ from assembly ‘MonoGame.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.’
the Video Content xnb seem to build fine, but anyways the problem happen even without loading the video, just try to create a VideoPlayer crash with the exception.
It feel look like I dont have installed the good package on Nuget but I have installed
Monogame.Framework.DesktopGL (
Monogame.Framework.WindowsDX (

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Post your project info: DX or OGL, and Platform, and also video format…

Someone may be able to help…


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Hi thanks for the reply, I have many projects and subproject but I tried to put Video code in the main project to isolate the problem. Im currently trying to run the Windows (10) version
here is my main project infos :

The video im using was working in Xna, I provided the video format info, but for the current problem it doesnt matter cause the problem happen even without loading the video, I simply have to put
VideoPlayer player = new VideoPlayer();
to make it throw the exception

here is the video format :