MonoGame 3.8

Congratulations for giving us a new version of this great framework (which is one of my favorites for making games)!
You guys are the best! Keep it up! :partying_face:

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You guys ROCK!! :trophy:
Thanks for keeping .NET gamedevelopment alive :heart_eyes:


It’s well! I hope that this version is better than 3.7 because I still work with 3.6 in order to work with some touch screens. Thank you for keepping project alive. We are the champions my friends.

Oh wow! Thank you for your work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for another major update, and great job to all contributors! I especially like the new documentation that goes with it!

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Hi there! How do you download MonoGame? I’m new to this software.

Take a look here.

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Thank you very much very good job.

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Awesome! Thanks for great job!

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Amazing! I look forward to migrating my projects.

Great work!

Just converted my AstroSmurfers to 3.8

Penumbra lightning isn’t happy, can I get it to work with 3.8? says it’s too old

// Lazze

Performed a fresh install on a new system, was looking at a glorious Cornflower Blue screen within 5 minutes…


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This is a fantastic release; well done everyone involved!

MonoGame looks better than ever with great documentation!

I am not a C# programmer by trade but I think MonoGame could be just what I need to finally publish a game.