MonoGame 3.8

Yes, it works for me. I note I’ve only used DX and GL projects all the time, but they still work now.
I don’t fully understand your question now. What do you mean you forgot where to find the templates? What happens if you type “monogame” in the search engine under “Extensions → Manage extension”? I have the template listed and it is installed.

UWP always breaks like this… when there is such an update, not an issue for me anymore, I just posted a template construction guide today anyway


I meant where the NuGet places the templates, I found it earlier, but cannot find them now to modify them…


Found it on the last line of the install log

I suspect this might happen because VS picks up dotnet new templates now and they do not have the required metadata for VS included in them. Instead we build a separate VS template package, but perhaps the templates from dotnet new take precedence?

I’m not sure, but I’ve added it to my todo list

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Can I dowload manually the template folder (for visual studio 2019)?


I think it’s a great release and a lot of effort has gone into it. I’m looking forward to using some of the new features in my own projects.

Which file do I download?

Hi @FriedPipis, Welcome to the Community!

What are you looking to make?

That name though :roll_eyes:

Happy Coding!

trying to download this for RogueSharp but there’s a huge list of files and I don’t know which one you actually need to download to get MonoGame

It may help if you link things, and someone with experience of that can assist further.

Good Luck!

ok here’s your link then

Goto to the documentation page and it will show you step by step instruction to set a dev environment for your platform.

Getting Started | MonoGame Documentation