MonoGame Addin for Xamarin Studio 4

I’ve just upgraded to the latest version of Xamarin Studio and my MonoGame new project templates vanished.

I tried to install them again, but I get the error:

The following dependencies could not be resolved:

  • Core v4.0
  • Ide v4.0

I know you’re working on new versions of the templates, but I wondered if there was a workaround to get them working.

I’m having the exact same issue where most recent Xamarin issue broke my Monogame support. Reinstalls across the board did not help.

I have rebuild monogame addin for Xamarin Studio 3/ Monodevelop v5

this one adds the dll for each plathform
and you can install it on any os plathform

Android / iOS** / MacOS** / OUYA / Linux / WindowsGL*/ WindowsDx*
note: * only Shows on windows os.
note: ** only shows on MacOS.

I use Xamarin Studio 5.0.1(build 3) on my Mac. I download your files and clicked on the file monogame.addin.sln, but I get this error message in Xamarin Studio: Could not load project ‘monogame.addin.csproj’ with unknown item type ‘{7DBEB09D-BB9F-4D92-A141-A009135475EF}’

What is wrong? How can I use the addin?

you need the add maker installed for it to open the project in Xamarin Studio add-in manager and to to the gallery tab and refresh and go to addin devlopment drop down and install addin maker

if you just want to install addin find the file MonoDevelop.MonoGame_3.2.0.mpack
now go to the Xamarin Studio add-in manager and click “install form file” and select the MonoDevelop.MonoGame_3.2.0.mpack file and it will install it for you.

I installed MonoDevelop.MonoGame_3.2.0.mpack and I created a new MonoGame iOS Application.

But I get this error message in Main.cs when I debug the project with an emulator:

game.Run ();
Objective-C exception thrown. Name: UIApplicationInvalidInterfaceOrientation Reason: Supported orientations has no common orientation with the application, and shouldAutorotate is returning YES

What is wrong? I didn’t changed something on the project. I just debugged the default MonoGame iOS project.

You need to setup the GraphicsDeviceManager orientations to match those in info.plist like so:

_graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager(this)
    SupportedOrientations = DisplayOrientation.Portrait
        | DisplayOrientation.PortraitDown
        | DisplayOrientation.LandscapeLeft
        | DisplayOrientation.LandscapeRight

Exclude any orientations you don’t use. Also I think some of the orientation names might have changed between MonoGame versions, but the new names should be obvious with intelisence.

I have fixed that error with the addin and upload to server

Xamarin Studio is missing monogame project type i can seem to fix this you will have to use VisualStudio to create window game versions this addin will only do android/OUYA on windows 7/8

i would need more help to fix this problem…

Thanks for working on this! I’m using Windows 7 and having a problem. I installed the Add-In Maker via the Add-In Manager. Then I added the mpack you provided via the Add-in manager. However, my Monogame project still says that the Monogame add-in is not installed. Am I missing a step somewhere?

How can I load a spriteFont in my MonoGame iOS project? I get this error message when I try to load it:
Font = Content.Load (“font”);
The requested feature is not implemented.

I created a spriteFont in Visual Studio 2013 and added it to my Xamarin Studio project. In addition, I set it’s properties to:
Build action: BundleResource
Copy to output directory: Do not copy

What is wrong? How can I load a spriteFont in Xamarin Studio?

@Fox9 that is getting off topic for this discussion on the MonoGame addin for Xamarin Studio 4. I’d suggest starting a new topic on that question.


Is there any way to create a MonoGame Windows OpenGL Application while using Xamarin Studio 5.0.1 (build 3) on a Mac?

Your file is the only way I was able to get MonoGame working, but I want to know if it is possible to create that file type? I need to do a project for school and I don’t know what to do. I only have access to a Mac :confused:

Thanks so much!

i can get it to create the files needed for windows gl but there is a error with the project type

here a version of the mpack with window gl project

Re: Thankyou!!

Is there any way to get it to work without running windows?

no i don’t think so
why don’t you make a virtual window PC running on the mac

i still think you still need the content pipeline project to load spritefonts in windows and then import them to the project

if any know a way i will add it to the mpack file

I have rebuild monogame addin for Xamarin Studio 3/ Monodevelop v5

This doesn’t appear to work with the MonoDevelop 5 built from the current Git on Linux. The add-in has dependencies on Core, IDE, and Prj2Make version 4.2 whereas the current git provides 5.x (master = 5.2, branch 5.1.1 provides 5.1, etc…).

Does this work with Monodevelop v4 only?


sent us a screen shot of the error

I have installed this new package, but it seems to be missing the Linux and iOS projects. Is this available yet?

Can someone please do this for MonoGame 3.3