Are these assemblies available in MonoGame iOS?

I was messing with porting my Windows Phone XNA game to iOS. I created a project in Xamarin Studio using the template add-in by stebyrne04(MonoGame Addin for Xamarin Studio 4), then linked my source files and content, referenced MonoGame.Framework.iOS, MonoGame.Framework.Net.iOS and Lindgren.Network.iOS. I tried building the project, and some errors popped up. It seems that the namespaces below are not available on iOS:


What should I do? =(

Do you use those namespaces?
Remove them from your project or wrap them in #if WINDOWS_PHONE or something of the like.

Well, I use System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageSettings for saving game data… If I need to rewrite this part it could get really messy… =(

MonoGame is aiming to port XNA.

We generally avoid trying to make WinPhone or just general .NET assemblies portable. This is actually what Xamarin tries to do.

If there are non-XNA namespaces missing form Xamarin.iOS, in particular onces used in WinPhone, you should contact Xamarin and request it.


@KonajuGames has a port of this he did over here:

It was done for Windows 8 Store support, but it may come in handy as a starting point for iOS support.

Thanks for answering my questions Tom!