Monogame and licensing

Something that I’m trying to confirm for a current project.

From what I see the Monogame framework is released under a dual Ms-PL/ MIT license, which, as I understand allows for both private and commercial use, with the sole condition being to preserve the copyright notices.

Am I correct in thinking that I can release a project which uses the framework under any license I wish (or under no license), as long as I include the full copy of a copyright notice for the Monogame framework itself with the game?

I have seen a previous topic on this here: [LEGAL] How to attribute copyright on the final product? [Concluded]

The gist of that topic was that:

  1. Including the copyright notice for the MonoGame framework with end software is advised,
  2. No additional attribution of copyright within the software itself is necessary (but is welcome),
  3. MonoGame relies on the use of some other libraries (is including any further copyright notices for those necessary?).

I’m sorry if this question feels redundant, I know that many hobbyist developers don’t consider those kinds of things, but I like to do things by the book. I respect the work that must have went into the framework, and would like to make sure that work is credited and attributed as necessary. Thanks in advance for your help on this :slight_smile:


Yes, you may provide your own license for any derived software so long as you also distribute it with the original MonoGame license.


Thanks for the reply. I was wondering whether it’s necessary to include any additional licenses for the libraries MonoGame might be using, but since the framework itself is not distributed with these licenses, I guess that’s not required.

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