MonoGame and Steam Deck

Does anyone know which are the Steam Deck compatibility requirements so we can have our game running on it? As far as I know Steam just test games compatiblilty and they become available if they pass it.

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If you distribute a linux-x64 build of a DesktopGL project, it will be “Steam Deck compatible”. You will have to wait for Steam to manually verify your game to get the Verified badge.

Our games are verified, so there’s nothing more from your end to do beside having a linux build and proper gamepad support.

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My DirectX game built with MonoGame apparently works fine on the Steam Deck according to a curator, thanks to the Proton compatibility layer. Of course, it’s not officially verified by Steam, with the fancy checkmark and everything.

Yes, MonoGame games should just work with Proton, though in the absence of a native linux build, just be aware that Steam might be less inclined to verify it.