Monogame android.hardware.camera2


Can someone please provide me (and everyone here) with a quick and dirty C# example tutorial code on how to use android.hardware.camera2 with Visual Studio 2017 C# Monogame for Android project?

I would like to use the Android devices camera hardware to acquire a photo image (repeatedly from a live preview stream if possible), draw on the acquired photo image, and then display the manipulated photo image as an Monogame Texture2D into a drawn 2D scene.

So far all of the examples for android.hardware.camera2 I have found were either for Java, Xamarin forms, or for the trashcan since they didn’t work, and nothing as yet for Monogame.

I greatly appreciate any help and examples that any of you can provide, and I thank you for your time.

I don’t think the camera is something done/handled by monogame - so you have to do it per platform - xamarin in that case.

I think I remember that getting a picture from the camera was not a one-liner …