Monogame Android

Hello community, greetings from mother Russia :slight_smile:
I cant find any information about using touchscreen and gestures input. Can you please give me some links? =)

Youtube is empty, i hope there are any simple ways instead of Xamaring API

Man up and write your own, towarisch.

MG is very sparce on docs or learning material. Source code is your best friend from now on.

Iam using the Touch-Implementation from MonoGame inside the “Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.Touch”-Namespace for my Windows App.
Iam only trying it inside the “Windows Tablet Simulator” but features like Gestures are easily implemented.

I dont know if this is even works on Android tho.

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thanks dude! That was probably something i was searching for

take a look here, it’s the sample catalog for XNA.
The code works identical on MonoGame.
Search for samples with ‘Touch & Guestures’ keywords in the description.

I haven’t used gestures, but if you just want the raw touch input it’s as simple as this:

TouchCollection touchCollection = TouchPanel.GetState(); foreach (TouchLocation touchLocation in touchCollection) { // Respond to the touchLocation here by accessing its position, state, and other properties }

Also check out this page - it has lots of info about reading touch, and goes into gestures too.