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Introducing MonoGame.Aseprite

A cross platform C# library that adds support for importing Aseprite files in Monogame projects.

MonoGame.Aseprite is a free and open source library for the MonoGame Framework that assists in importing Aseprite (.ase | .aseprite) files into your game project. No need to export a spritesheet from Aseprite and have to deal with a PNG + JSON file. With MonoGame.Aseprite, you can use the Aseprite file directly.

MonoGame.Aseprite supports importing the file both with and without the MGCB Editor (also known as the Content Pipeline Tool). Along with importing the file contents, several built-in processors have been designed to transform the file contents into a more meaningful state to use within MonoGame.

MonoGame.Aseprite also supports outputting the processed file content to disk in a binary format and reader classes to read the processed information back in. This adds support for pre-processing content using any build or content workflow the end user has as long as it can use the Monogame.Aseprite library.

Getting Started

To get started using MonoGame.Aseprite start with the installation document at


  • Import your Aseprite file at runtime with and without the MGCB Editor (Content Pipeline Tool)
  • Multiple built-in processors that can be used to transform the data from your Aseprite file into any of the following:
    • Sprite
    • TextureAtlas
    • SpriteSheet
    • Tileset
    • Tilemap
    • AnimatedTilemap
  • All blend modes in Aseprite supported 1:1.
  • Runtime writers and readers that can be used in custom content processing workflows to preprocess content outside of the game.

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Your timing is perfect - I was having trouble with importing asesprites into the new web targetting version of monogame. This should solve that nicely.

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Looks like documentation website is down. Any update on this?

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Thanks @geirste site should be back up now

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