MonoGame based game engines that are still under active development?

Hello everyone,

I have no game development experience until past few weeks. I did a lot of research trying to find out a game engine suitable for my research (e.g. simulation of organisms and galaxies).

I like MonoGame because of its XNA origin (from Microsoft) and perfect compatibility for Portable Class Library. But MonoGame is too low level for me, so looking for a suitable game engine that based on MonoGame.

I found the following engines based on / support MonoGame:

  • CocosSharp (last commit on GitHub, 5 hour ago)
  • Cocos2D-XNA (last commit on GitHub, 7 days ago)
  • DigitalRune Engine (last release on May 9, 2015, 3 months ago)
  • CovertEngine (seems not publicly available yet, but the author posted new video about the engine on Jun 17, 2015 (2 months ago) on YouTube).

I read somewhere that SunBurn Game Engine worked with MonoGame, but didn’t see them mention MonoGame on their website. And the last update of their download page was on 09-07-2014 (nearly 1 year ago).

Any other MonoGame based game engines that are still under active development? Thanks!

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If you need a game engine and you are not interested in dealing with the low-level stuff (e.g. want to visualize research and not make games), I would recommend you to use Unity.

PS: I know I’m speaking against myself here :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

The first game engine I tried was Unity because my favorite simulation game Cities: Skylines was created using the engine.

But Unity’s .NET version is out of date (2.0/3.5), and I remember it didn’t support my Portable Class Libraries (I plan to develop some AI code to be used by my games and applications that run on many platforms). Also its Visual Studio integration requires 3rd party extension (from Microsoft) which was kind of buggy when I tested it.

You could try Paradox Engine, it has both the newest c# and visual studio plugin… on the not so bright side they are new, don’t have a good documentation and also don’t support that many platforms yet


Thanks for the suggestion. Paradox seems to be the most promising game engine to me so far :slight_smile:

Their integration with Visual Studio seems to be not as clean and elegant as MonoGame, but acceptable:

  • Shared projects created by Paradox are not Portable Class Libraries, but can reference PCL.
  • No templates in Visual Studio, solutions must be created in Paradox. Tried to open an existing solution created by Visual Studio in Paradox, failed, so it seems currently cannot add Paradox projects in existing solutions yet.

As a feature rich high level game engine it’s even an open source project :slight_smile:

I have a rendering engine under development but still basic / low level.

Also a tool Library with various classes for development with MonoGame.

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