Monogame Chat

Have you(Monogame team) been thinking of making a Monogame chat?

Im sure alot of us would have good use of it. A place where we can ask simple question without making a small post on the forum. Stay connected and get more social together.

Wouldent this be a good idea, it dosent have to be be hard to set up.

What do you guys/girls think?

For me, chat implies being online a lot. These days, that doesn’t happen as much as it used to. We used to have an IRC channel. We may still have it. I’m not sure.

There is Gitter tho not many ppl use it

Well. Atleast it should be a link on the main page. So people know it exists a chat.

My friend just created this discord channel for monogame users, it is pretty new and unofficial but anyone can join.

Where is MonoGame Gitter? It looks like no connection retry again??? I really don’t understand what does it happen? Why do you hide me? But i find Gitter seaech is existing but why do you not say me what does it happen?

You were banned from MG gitter, you know what you did.