Monogame Content Project Not Working On VS 2013 Community

Hello, I am having a problem transferring Monogame projects made in Visual Studio Express to Visual Studio Community.

The problem seems to be that the Content Pipeline projects are no longer valid, and VS Community cannot import them nor can it create a new one.

A problem was encountered creating the sub project 'GameName1'.  The project file 'C:\Users\Ultima\AppData\Local\Temp\03nmqqsx.z1g\Temp\GameName1.csproj' cannot be opened.

There is a missing project subtype.
Subtype: '{6D335F3A-9D43-41b4-9D22-F6F17C4BE596}' is unsupported by this installation.

Is there anything I can do or am I stuck using the old Express version which has very little feature support that is essential to my game?

The Content Pipeline projects relied on XNA providing the project type. We have moved away from that now to our own content build pipeline. Read more about it here.

Ah I see, I actually ended up figuring out the problem, but this seems to be more useful though it seems to require abit more work.


The current project templates integrate the MGCB file into the project and provide MSBuild steps to automatically build and copy the content. This makes it quite easy.

Ah so that’s what that file is for. Also does the program not support fbx models? I tried to import one and it gave me an error, images import just fine though.

FBX has always been a troublesome format, despite being a popular format for transferring models between applications. Usually it comes down to which FBX version the model was exported with.

Are there any recommendations for getting FBX models to work? Should I save using Visual Studio’s Model Designer, or should I use Blender?

Blender. The VS model designer is for architectural (software) modelling, not for 3D geometry. Please in the future read up on what you ask, this is an elementary error in the question itself.

Ah I see. Also I did try to do some research on the problem but didn’t find anything sorry.

No problem at all, we’re all here to help each other out where (and how) we can. :slight_smile: